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Familyandmedia is an international university research group that studies the family within the sphere of social communication. The research takes a two-fold approach: how the family is presented in the media (fiction and news) and how the institutions that promote the family communicate their message and help present a better portrayal of the family in the public space.

The research project and group Familyandmedia was founded in February 2005 in Rome, Italy on the occasion of the first interdisciplinary workshop on the family and the media, held at Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Participants included professors of the Theology Department and professors of the Communications Department, as well as professors of the Communications Department of the University of Navarra (Spain), Catholic University of Milan (Italy), Austral University (Argentina), and CEU San Pablo of Madrid. Subsequently, new workshops have been held in 2006 and 2009. The research team has expanded to include members from CEU San Pablo University of Valencia (Spain) and Catholic University of Argentina.

The goal of the project is to study the representation of the family in the mass media through the analysis of the roots of social relations, also known as “social virtues”, addressed by a variety of authors, from Aristotle to Cicero to Thomas Aquinas. In the Latin denomination, this included pietas, observantia, honor, oboedientia, gratitudine, vindicatio, veritas, affabilitas and liberalitas.

The concept of the family that underlies the project is understood in light of Christian anthropology, which is confirmed in the so-called relational sociology.

The objective of the study of relationships portrayed in the texts (informational or entertainment) is to identify the cultural and anthropological "common places" of the discussion, or topoi, that are relative to the social virtues.

The project has an operational goal: it aims to put the fruits of the empirical analysis at the service of promoting a positive vision of the anthropological nature of the family. The intent is not to focus on specific initiatives, but rather offer a "skeleton" that may guide long-term communication strategies of organizations dedicated to promoting the family.

The Familyandmedia group is currently composed of the following people :
  • Cecilia Galatolo (Italia)
  • Dale Farmer (USA)
  • Sarah Tighe (UK)
  • Corinne Mannella (USA)
  • Rocio Lancio Garcia

Web Editor

  • Fabrizio Piciarelli



The Familyandmedia research team would like to thank Dr. Stefano Lucchini for the constant support he has shown from the project's very beginning, both economically and through his communicative expertise.


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Publications and Documents

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Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the 47th World Communications Day
pdf-icoThe Familiaris consortio (On the role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) thirty years later
Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop of Bologna. Bologna, AMBER Association, 22 January 2012.
pdf-icoFamily relationships, how they are presented in the media, and virtual relationshipsNorberto González Gaitano (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross).Giovanni Spadolini’s Hall. Senate of the Italian Republic.International Day of the Family, May 13, 2011.
pdf-icoThe secret of brands. What’s hidden behind the communication of fashion: real needs or only emotive suggestions?The new edition of What’s left of the media by Gianfranco Bettetini and Armando Fumagalli (Quel che resta dei media; Franco Angeli, Milan) has recently hit bookstores.
giovanni_paolo_ii_50_50Message of John Paul II for the 38th World Communications Day (2004)
"The Media and the Family: A Risk and a Richness ."
giovanni_paolo_ii_50_50Message of Benedict XVI for the 43rd World Communications Day (2009)
"New Technologies, New Relationships. Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship."
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