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1   Link   Forum of Family Associations
The Forum of Family Associations is a national Italian association with both regional and provincial centers (where present).
2   Link   Interactive Generations Forum
The Interactive Generations Forum ( is a useful reference in the field of child protection and new technologies. The site is only available in Spanish.
3   Link   A favor de lo mejor
"In Favor of the Best" is a Mexican civil association that has worked to improve the quality of content in media since 1997: (
4   Link   MOIGE
The Movement of Italian Parents (MOIGE) is a non-governmental, Italian organization that promotes parent education and responsibility. It is present in each of the 35 Italian provinces with a network of 30,000 parents.
5   Link   AIART
The AIART (Spectators Association) is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of affirming the dignity and rights of persons and the family in the field of communications.
6   Link   Infoval (Infovalues)
It is a digital community for education in values and virtues promoted by Alliance for the Family
7   Link
A web-portal dedicated to the family and based on a Christian form of life.
8   Link   The Educative Challenge
An Italian blog addressed to educators dealing with issues regarding family, society, school, and communications.
9   Link   Cogito Et Volo
An Italian web portal with attractive graphics that is self-addressed to "rebellious" youth. It confronts current, value-based issues together with music, movies, TV, and videogames, all from a counter-cultural perspective.
10   Link   far-Famiglia
far-Famiglia è un'associazione di Promozione Sociale che si propone di aiutare i genitori nel difficile compito di educare i figli e di contribuire a migliorare la vita in famiglia.
11   Link   Placting
Placting é un progetto fondato sul family engagement che mira a coinvolgere pubblici influenti, costruendo un dialogo, per sostenere i brand ed accrescerne la reputazione nel rispetto dei valori etici e familiari.
12   Link   Family Party
Family Party opera da anni nel tessuto sociale italiano per sensibilizzare le imprese e la pubblica amministrazione a incentivare la creazione e l'erogazione di servizi volti a rendere tutte le città “family friendly”.
13   Link   Lafamiliaimporta
Un'associazione senza fini di lucro che promuove il rispetto per la famiglia e i suoi valori fondamentali.
14   Link   Family Cinema Tv
Sito di orientamento sul cinema, con recesioni e anteprime.
15   Link   Alfonso Mendiz
Un blog molto interessante e sempre aggiornato sul rapporto tra comunicazione ed etica, con una vasta gamma di video, commenti ed approfondimenti


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Publications and Documents

pdf-icoMessage of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 49th World Communications Day
pdf-icoThe love that brings new life into the world” – Rabbi Sacks on the institution of marriage.
pdf-icoIt’s a synod on the family, remember?
Divorce, annulments, and contraception certainly have their impact on family life, but surely it is a negative one.

pdf-icoCreative Language: Decoding, Reframing and Defending Concepts of Human Identity


pdf-icoFamily or Families?
Towards a better understanding of Humanization and Generativity
pdf-icoSocial Networks: portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization.
Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the 47th World Communications Day
pdf-icoThe Familiaris consortio (On the role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) thirty years later
Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop of Bologna. Bologna, AMBER Association, 22 January 2012.
pdf-icoFamily relationships, how they are presented in the media, and virtual relationshipsNorberto González Gaitano (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross).Giovanni Spadolini’s Hall. Senate of the Italian Republic.International Day of the Family, May 13, 2011.
pdf-icoThe secret of brands. What’s hidden behind the communication of fashion: real needs or only emotive suggestions?The new edition of What’s left of the media by Gianfranco Bettetini and Armando Fumagalli (Quel che resta dei media; Franco Angeli, Milan) has recently hit bookstores.
giovanni_paolo_ii_50_50Message of John Paul II for the 38th World Communications Day (2004)
"The Media and the Family: A Risk and a Richness ."
giovanni_paolo_ii_50_50Message of Benedict XVI for the 43rd World Communications Day (2009)
"New Technologies, New Relationships. Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship."
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